Chota Shark

Where is My Food

Hammy thinks of a plan to steal Chota Shark and Crabo's food. Chota Shark and Crabo discover his plan and decide to foil it.

Chota Shark

Where is My Food


Hammy thinks of a plan to steal Chota Shark and Crabo's food. Chota Shark and Crabo discover his plan and decide to foil it.

My Love- Broccoli


Hammy manages to hide all the broccoli in the area. It’s up to Chota Shark and Crabo to investigate.

The Carnival


Hammy devises a plan to separate Chota Shark and Crabo. But Crabo proves his loyalty and wins back Chota Shark’s trust and friendship.

The Car Race


Underwater town announces a super speed race. Chota Shark and Hammy end up racing against each other.

Food Competition


Hammy does his best to win a cooking competition against the team of well-practiced little chefs - Chota Shark and Crabo.

Fat and Furious


Chota Shark gets fat from overeating. It’s up to Crabo to help his friend get back in shape but trouble isn't far behind.

Treasure Hunt


Chota Shark and Crabo go on a quest to find treasure, but they have to tackle Hammy, who has the same idea.

Silence Please


Chota Shark and Crabo get into trouble with Octy the librarian because of Hammy's schemes.

The Alien Baby


Chota Shark becomes friends with an alien baby but things take a twist when he starts alienating his friends.

Happy Birthday


Crabo decides to throw a surprise birthday for Chota Shark but Hammy seems intent on spoiling the fun with his schemes.

Perfect Selfie


Chota Shark and Crabo go crazy to win a selfie competition. They have to decide whether it's to more important to win the competition or others' heart...

Space Expedition


With the help of Crabo, Chota Shark builds a rocket to reach the moon. Hammy and Drono try to beat them in their own rocket. Who will reach the moon e...

No Breaking The Rules


Chota Shark and Crabo try to regulate the traffic in Underwater Town. Hammy tries to ruin their plans but gets caught up in his own mess.

Food Truck


After having fun at the Kids Fair, Chota Shark and Crab look for something yummy to eat. There's a twist in the story when Hammy comes in.



Hammy gets fed up babysitting his aunt's kids. He plans to pass on the responsibility to Chota Shark. But the plan backfires on Hammy.

Rescue Hammy


Hammy gets caught in a fishing boat. Chota Shark and Crabo team up with Drono to rescue Hammy.

Sea Got Talent


Chota Shark and Crabo participate in a talent show. Hammy and Drono try and ruin their performance. Can Chota Shark still emerge victorious?

Magic Lamp


Hammy finds a magic lamp which grants three wishes. Does Hammy use this boon in a right way? That's the crux of this episode.

The Time Machine- Future


Crabo invents a time machine for time travel. Chota Shark and Crabo decide to go to the future which is a totally new world of machines and robots.

The Time Machine- History


Crabo and Chota Shark encoutner twists and turns when they time travel to the era of Dinosaurs.

The Sea Train


Chota Shark and Hammy run a Train service. They have a competition to see who can make their passengers happier.

Mummy's Havoc


Hammy discovers an underwater pyramid. While exploring the pyramid he wakes up a mummy and gets into trouble.

The Asteroid- Not Too Far


There is a threat to the earth. Chota Shark and Hammy team up on a mission to save earth. Will they succeed?

Bean Stalk


Chota Shark and Crabo climb up a tall beanstalk and explore a different world where a crock fish bullies the little fish who live there. Can Chota Sha...



Hammy and Drono are drawn into a game. They need to win the game to survive and get back to the real world. Can they make it on their own?

The Clone Robot


Crabo invents a cloning machine.Chota Shark clones himself to make his life easy. But there's always something that's bound to go wrong.