Darwin & Newts

Swampy Mess

Darwin tidying up the treehouse but Newt’s is causing a real mess and upsetting Burpee who decides to head to the big swamp to see his frog friend Cro...

Darwin & Newts

Swampy Mess


Darwin tidying up the treehouse but Newt’s is causing a real mess and upsetting Burpee who decides to head to the big swamp to see his frog friend Cro...

Sailing Away


Wapiti gets blown away so Darwin and Newt’s use the power of wind to rescue their friend. Will they be able to succeed?

Snail chase


Catch the fun and exciting #cartoon .In this series,Darwin and Newts use the zipline to take Heni to see an incredible giant snail, a malfunction is o...

Worm Dance


Darwin and Newts give Heni a hand in her garden with the help of their friends – the worms!.they leaneard that how plants grow

Burpees Lost lunch


When Burpee gets sore legs from dancing with Croakette, Darwin and Newts help by learning how to catch bugs for his lunch. All the while also observin...

Chasing Rainbows


Darwin and Newts want to touch a rainbow so go on an adventure to catch one. They discover what is needed to make a rainbow, and Heni creates one espe...

Wapiti’s Antler Party


Darwin and Newts are puzzled when no one shows up for Wapiti’s Antler Day party. Finding some footprints they follow them to find where everyone has g...

Who’s eating the moon?


Why the moon looks different in sometimes?Darwin and Newts have fun making craters with Newt’s new catapult invention, and solve the mystery of the di...

Darwin’s Lucky Fishing hat


Darwin and Newts go fishing but when Darwin’s lucky fishing hat ends up in the river they must work out how to get it back.Stay tuned to find out!

Awake at night


Wapiti takes Darwin, Newts and Heni on an adventure to discover creatures that are awake and active at night.Can they do? Watch full episode.

Burpee’s New Shower


Darwin and Newts build a rock wall so Burpee can have some privacy. Can they complete the work Hey kids, catch our new learning episode.

Baby Blue Ducks


When Heni and Darwin discover blue ducks nesting by the stream, Newts invents a periscope to let them get a closer look.How a periscope works?Stay tun...

Hiding and Seeking


Wapiti challenges Darwin and Newts to learn about how some creatures use camouflage before he lets them play hide and seek with him.Watch fun and exci...

Pumpkin Pulley


The team experiment on ways to lift a giant Halloween pumpkin up to the treehouse eventually succeeding with a rope and pulley.How a pulley works?Stay...

Monarch Butterfly


Darwin records a butterfly’s life cycle when his swan plants attract a caterpillar that becomes a chrysalis, while Newts figures out how to paint a bu...

Burpee’s cousins come to stay


When Burpee’s Cousins come for a visit, Darwin and Newts discover how tadpoles turn into frogs.Stay tuned to find out!

Manuiti learns to fly


Darwin and Newts help teach Kea's young nephew how to fly and along the way,they learn how birds take to the air.Watch fun and exciting episode

Crabby Crabs


Darwin and Newts learn about tides when they build sand castles out of wet sand and find they've disappeared the next day.Watch the fun and exciting e...

Cheeky Kea


Darwin is confused when Kea knocks over his seeds, so he must grow the plants to find out which seeds make which plants.

The big apple run


Darwin and Newts work together to utilise the power of gravity to get Heni’s apples from the top to the bottom of the hill.Learn how gravity pulls thi...

Our little forest friends


Darwin and Newts find an old log full of various insects fallen across a forest path, they then build a bridge over it to protect their new friends.Th...

The big sticky web


Inspired by a spider, Darwin and Newts build a web-like trap to nab a food thief, and find it is a hedgehog preparing to hibernate. .

Heni paints a picture


When Newts mixes all of Heni's paints into one colour, the kids decide to create new paint from the natural substances they find around the garden.How...

Noisy Newts


Darwin and Newts learn about sound and vibration when Newts becomes obsessed with drumming and Darwin takes what they've learned to make a home-made t...

Burpee and Croakettes icesk...


How ice melts into water?Newts tries to preserve some ice from a frozen pond to make Burpee and Croakette an iceskating rink, and she and Darwin learn...

Bluey the penguin


Plastic bags can cause harm?Darwin and Newts learn the environment needs protecting from plastic bags when they rescue a little blue penguin who got s...

Balloon powered rocket car


Darwin and Newts discover how a balloon moves when air rushes out of it and use their discovery to build balloon powered cars.Stay tuned to find out!



Darwin's wish to lead a successful expedition comes true when he and Newts stumble over the egg of a giant, extinct bird.Stay tuned to find out!

The Muddy Path


Darwin and Newt discover what a fossil is and make their very own special fossil handprints.They learned How fossils are made?If you like to know abou...

The Annual Frog Jump


Burpee wants to jump further than Croakette in the Annual Frog Jumping Contest, so Darwin, Newts and Heni help him train.If you like to know Physics b...

The Treasure map


Newts and Darwin pretend to be pirates and Newts wants to hide some treasure, so she and Darwin have to draw a map to find where X marks the spot!Stay...

The five senses games


Darwin and Newts compete in Heni’s Five Sense’s Games and discover that they are good at different things.

It’s snowing in KiwiFruit V...


Darwin and Newts have fun when it snows in Kiwifruit Valley and discover that every snowflake has six sides.Watch the new fun learning episode .

The story of Sheepy


Darwin and Newts observe different cloud shapes in the sky, and Newts lets her imagination run wild. Watch the new fun exciting learning episode.

The Festival of Bubbles


It’s the Annual Big Bubble Festival at Kiwifruit Valley and Darwin discovers how to make the best long lasting bubble mix for the big day.How they mak...

Darwin’s Precious Collection


Newts and Heni go searching for gold to complete Darwin's rock collection, while Darwin stays at the treehouse to grow crystals from his new crystal-g...

Heni’s apple orchard


Darwin and Newts follow an apple tree through the seasons, becoming worried when it becomes sick in winter but learning that the tree’s changes are pa...

Garden Emergency


Darwin's garden starts drying out during a hot, rainless summer, the kids try different methods of watering it, eventually building an aqueduct using ...

Invisible Ink


Darwin discovers how to write secret messages and with Newts’ help plans a surprise for Heni.Stay tuned to find out!.

A Stormy day


Darwin and Newts are building their friend Pupurangi the snail a new home but when the weather gets stormy they need to work fast..