Gummy Bear and Friends


The gang is ‘haunted’ by a mystery spook – and sets out to overcome their collective fear and get to the bottom of the scary mystery.

Gummy Bear and Friends



The gang is ‘haunted’ by a mystery spook – and sets out to overcome their collective fear and get to the bottom of the scary mystery.

Hamster in the House


Friendly and lovable ‘mad scientist’ Granny Peters accidentally transforms her cute little pet hamster.... into a not-so-cute HUGE pet hamster – and t...



Finding himself over-committed to too many things, Gummy orders a few duplicate robots of himself... who winds up in the end causing more trouble than...

Who Ate it?


There’s one last donut in the house – and 3 hungry donut lovers... each one of them determined that no one (other than them) gets it!



A pesky case of the hiccups defies the oddest attempts at curing it – and, in fact, proves more than a little contagious!

The Macaroni Plant


Gummy is determined to grow his favourite food – even if macaroni plants don’t exist!

The Contest


Rich eccentric Grumpy McCrab launches a contest with a huge prize for whoever can go longest without laughing, smiling, singing or dancing. Miraculous...

The Incredible Shrinking Gu...


A weird gizmo in Granny Peters’ lab winds up shrinking Gummy down to a tiny size, and he must cope with a suddenly-HUGE world... while trying to conta...



When Kala tells Gummy and Harry that her favourite color is maroon, the pair decide to give her an ‘all maroon’ birthday surprise – but they soon lear...

Kitten up a Tree


When Gummy comes upon a kitten stuck up a tree, he and the gang become increasingly caught up in trying figure out ways to get it back down.



Gummy, Harry and Kala head off to a scary Halloween costume party – but the winner of the ‘Best Costume’ prize.... isn’t wearing a costume, and is act...

Where’s Kala?


When Kala wants to practise her stealth moves, Gummy and Harry volunteer to help her. Soon Kala is scaring them from various hiding places. After a wh...



Kala is bored, and Gummy and Harry’s attempts to snap her out of it wind up having unexpected results.

Bark or Bleat


When Gummy brings home a weird looking Goat home thinking that it is a Dog, Harry has a mad time convincing him otherwise. But what Gummy does not kno...



Gummy’s place is transformed into a frozen world, where he, Harry and Kala have loads of slippery fun together while trying to figure out what’s happe...

Yes Gummy


Feeling a little ‘blah’, Gummy decides to say ‘yes’ to everything that crosses his path. Comic disaster, naturally, soon follows...

Crosswalk Harry


Harry gets a job as a crosswalk guard and winds up taking his duties VERY seriously, to the point of nearly driving Gummy crazy when he wants to just ...

Gummy’s Sick Day


Gummy is feeling under the weather – and, as a finicky, fussbudget patient, soon winds up driving his pals Kala and Harry both sick... of him!

Christmas Episode


Its Christmas time and Gummy Bear and all his pals are out to celebrate Christmas. They are going to have some serious fun along with some surprises!!

Prince Gummy


Gummy discovers that he may be next in line to the throne of a tiny faraway country – and he takes a crash-course in ‘how to be royal’... with ‘crash’...

Super Gummy


Accidentally convinced that he’s a super hero, Gummy becomes Mind-O-Man – and sets out to help out everybody... to the point of driving them CRAZY!



Gummy, Harry and Kala watch a scary late-show on TV – and all wind up too scared to go to bed, their imaginations soon running wild...



Gummy and his pals all head off camping, with comedy and disaster joining them every step of the way!

Fly me to the Moon


When Gummy admires how pretty the moon is up in the sky, he decides he wants to go there, and sets out to try and do just that in some pretty strange ...

Gummy’s Little Pet


Gummy gets a small pet fish with a HUGE appetite – and he, Harry and Kala soon find that feeding this ever-ravenous, ever-growing pet is pretty much a...

Two Tickets


When Gummy wins two tickets to a big dance show, each of his best pals vie to be the one he gives the coveted second ticket to.

The Fly


A pesky fly won’t leave Gummy alone, and ends up driving him increasingly nuts in his escalating obsession to get rid of it.

The Egg


Gummy wakes up with a mysterious egg in his bedroom – and, over Harry’s objections, becomes convinced that it’s ‘Junior’, a future soccer star!



Gummy sleepwalks – making himself an elaborate snack and proving that you can sometimes even have fun while you’re asleep!



Granny Peters’ loud snoring winds up keeping Gummy, Harry and Kala awake – and trying whatever schemes they can think of to somehow stop it!

A Packet of Gummy


Gummy, Kala and Harry get caught up in an escalating competition to get the whole collection of cereal box ‘free surprises’ – with each of them only m...

The Violinist


Gummy finds an old violin and, on discovering that he’s a distant descendant famous musician of “Gummy Stradi-bear-ius”, he starts playing the violin ...

Imaginary Friend


As Gummy starts spending more and more time with his imaginary friend, Harry and Kala soon start wondering if he’s nuts – or they are!

The Organizer


Gummy and Harry team up to become “super-organized’ – and their non-stop efficiency winds up being more than a little ‘too much of a good thing”.

The Easter Episode


Where's the Easter Bunny? And what are chocolate bunny eggs? Gummy and Friends are about to find out

Lucky Charm


Gummy acquires what he thinks is a lucky charm – and soon becomes foolishly fearless, thinking his ‘good luck’ will protect him.

The Magic Lamp


Gummy finds an old magic lamp – complete with a genie popping out when he chances to rub it. The three pals suddenly have three wishes – and some seri...



Gummy decides to take up roller-skating – and everybody else’s world winds up being turned upside-down.

The Mystery


Kala’s martial arts trophy has vanished – and ‘detective’ Gummy volunteers his services to unravel the mystery and track down the culprit.