Gustafer Yellowgold


It was supposed to be a simple, sweet cake. Instead, Gustafer baked a MONSTER! 

Gustafer Yellowgold



It was supposed to be a simple, sweet cake. Instead, Gustafer baked a MONSTER! 

Pancake Smackdown


Breakfast can be the best meal of the day. But watch out...because some breakfast foods will take you over the edge!

Rock Melon


When your pet eel learns how to throw mellow balls at high speed,'re in for some serious musical mayhem.

Gravy Insane


Have you ever taken a bath in delicious, warm gravy? See what’s so amazing about this savory sauce that has Gustafer Yellowgold and the forest creatur...

Cinnamon Tap


Who wouldn’t want their own private source of warm-running cinnamon in their own back yard?  But beware, others may come sniffing around!

Dark Pie


Is your life full of 'Dark Pie Concerns' as well? Gustafer's best pal, Forrest Applecrumbie the Pterodactyl, is caught in a Groundhog Day loop of pie ...

Brightest Beef


WARNING: Not suitable for vegetarians. When Gustafer wants to use an old home remedy to reduce swelling on a nice big black eye, only the finest grass...

Strawberry Love


A love poem to a perfect piece of fruit?  Hey, she deserves it. Gustafer finds poetry in the side garden in this string quartet ode to beauty.

One's Onions


Gustafer takes creativity to an all-new level, spooking his pet eel, Slim in the process.  This song will have you in tears!

I Sandwich


When an alien gets the craving, nothing beats a huge tower of yumminess between slices of bread! 

Sunny Side


This new video from Gustafer is EGG-zactly what you're looking for. Live on the sunny side and keep smiling!