Heckerty's Christmas


Heckerty's Thanksgiving - S...


It’s Thanksgiving and Heckerty has invited friends and relations to the cave for lunch. Can you spot the difference in each picture? I’ll bet you can!

Heckerty - Zanzibar's Birthday


It's Zanzibar's Birthday and all Heckerty's plans have gone awry. Caterina Caterer comes to the rescue with a great birthday party and new friends.

Heckerty's Valentine


Heckerty & Zanzibar visit Persnickerty, who shows off her Valentine cards. They're very upset as they don't have any. But then Zanz has a great idea.

Heckerty Spells


Heckerty's worried. She must take a spelling test she has failed 48 times Then she crashes into the Chief Wizard, who set the test. Will she pass?

Heckerty's Halloween


Halloween is Heckerty’s birthday. Despite Zanzibar's warning of “strange creatures” on Halloween, she stays home. Then Trick or Treaters arrive..

Heckerty Bus Driver


It was teatime and I was having an afternoon nap. We woke up. The noise outside was deafening! We saw dozens of children outside running wild

Heckerty's Fairy Tales


Zanzibar doesn’t feel well so Heckerty puts him to bed and tells him stories. But she gets mixed up, and her fairy tales are familiar but different!

Heckerty Ahoy!


Heckerty dreams she’s a ship's captain with Zanzibar and friends as crew. Suddenly pirates attack. Heckerty wakes, not sure if it was a dream or real?

Heckerty's Hat


Heckerty's hat is lost. As Zanzibar brings a special hat-finding spell, he trips & spell pages go everywhere. Now they have to try ALL the spells!

Heckerty Ahoy! - Coloring


Learning colors can be fun! Watch images from Heckerty Ahoy! appear with the colors named and labelled. Great for younger kids & for learning English!

Heckerty Bus Driver - Coloring


Learning colors is fun! Watch as images from Heckerty Bus Driver appear with the colors named & labelled. Great for younger kids & learning English.

Heckerty's Hat - Coloring


Learning colors can be fun! Watch images from Heckerty's Hat appear with the colors named and labelled. Great for younger kids & for learning English!

Heckerty's Fairy Tales - Co...


Learn the colors with our Coloring video. And download free companion coloring images, ready-to-print at: https://www.heckerty.com/activities

Heckerty's Fairy Tales - Sp...


Can you spot the difference between these pictures from Fairy Tales? Look carefully and see if you can discover them. It's lots of fun for everyone!

Heckerty's Christmas - Colo...


Learn the colors with Heckerty's Christmas Coloring Magic video!

Heckertys Christmas - Spot ...


Heckerty's Christmas makeover goes awry, so off she flies on her broomstick and regifts her presents. Now play our Christmas Spot the Difference game!

Heckerty's Christmas Tree -...


It’s Christmas and the snow is falling all around—- but when Heckerty goes to put her wrapped Christmas presents under the tree, she finds she hasn’t ...

Heckerty's 12 Days of Chris...


Heckerty's 12 Days of Christmas - the traditional holiday song done in Heckerty's own quirky style - you'll recognize some of the characters, too!!

Heckerty's New Year - Counting


Heckerty and Zanzibar look back on the fun they had in 2016 — join them as they remember some of their adventures and count numbers along with them!

Heckerty's Cave - I Spy


"I spy with my little eye something beginning with ... Z and you have to guess what it is!" Of course you know this game!

Heckerty - Stickles and the...


Stickles is a lonely hedgehog - but when he meets Heckerty's hairbrush they go dancing and love it. Soon he has a big secret to share with Heckerty.

Heckerty's Valentine - Spot...


It's almost Valentine's Day and we have a great game for you! Can you spot the difference in each picture? I’ll bet you can! Have fun!!

Heckerty and the Tractor - ...


Heckerty & Zanzibar see glittering they fly along - a tractor competition! Looks easy to plow straight lines, but is it? Heckerty & Zanzibar find out.

Heckerty - Stickles and the...


You love & remember great stories, don't you? Good! To play I’ll read a phrase from "Stickles & the Hairbrush”, leaving out a word. Your job is to fin...

Heckerty and the Tractor - ...


A new Heckerty Spot The Difference just for you — all 4 games are from the first episode of Heckerty and the Tractor. Help her find the differences!

Heckerty and the Tractor - ...


Heckerty & Zanzibar are excited about being in a tractor plowing competition. Now help them by counting the number of objects in each picture.

Heckerty and the Tractor Me...


How good is your memory? Here are some pictures from Heckerty and the Tractor. Watch closely, we'll ask some fun questions to see what you remember!

Heckerty - Stickles and the...


Are you a great detective? Find what's different between the images in this game, based on Heckerty's story "Stickles and the Hairbrush". Good luck!

Heckerty - Stickles and the...


Stickles is a lonely hedgehog who makes lots of new friends when he learns to dance. In this game you’ll count items in images from the story!

Heckerty - Zanzibar's Birth...


It's Zanzibar's Birthday and "Whoops!" all Heckerty's great plans have gone awry! So after the story, play this "I Spy" game based on it and enjoy!

Heckerty's Fish and Chips -...


Like fish and chips? So does Zanzibar! When Heckerty asks "Which came first, fish and chips or chips and fish?" he’s already headed to the broomstick!

Heckerty's Fish and Chips -...


Let's find out how much you notice! Here are five scenes from Heckerty’s Fish and Chips each with two images. Can you spot the differences in them?

Heckerty's Fish and Chips -...


Heckerty and Zanzibar are zooming across the sky to find fish and chips.Can you find the things she's thinking about? How many can you find?

Heckerty's Fish and Chips -...


Do you like fish and chips? Travel with Heckerty and Zanz to England, to find the best fish and chips and count images from the story.

Heckerty and the Bumblebee


Whoops! Heckerty & Zanzibar crashed, hitting a lovely bee on the head. Now they have a mission — helping the bee remember how to make the best honey!

Heckerty's Fish and Chips -...


Let’s play a super game from Heckerty’s Fish and Chips. You’ll see a word is missing in each scene … and your job is to find it. Let’s start!!

Heckerty Stickles and the H...


Heckerty and Zanzibar are zooming across the sky to find fish and chips.Can you find the things she's thinking about? How many can you find?