Highlights Animated Storybooks

Let's Go Fishing

See what happens with a dad takes his daughter, Maria, fishing for the first time.

Highlights Animated Storybooks

Let's Go Fishing


See what happens with a dad takes his daughter, Maria, fishing for the first time.

Bert, Beth, And The Turtle


Bert, Beth and Grandpa walk by a lake and find a turtle. Watch how they pretend to be turtles when they get home.

Will You Find Me?


Can you find Little Chipmunk as he plays hide and seek with his Poppy?

Wiggly Worms


After a rainstorm Jake moves worms from the sidewalk to the grass where they'd be happier.

What Wacky Weather


Mom, Emily and their dog Max try to get ready for a walk but the weather keeps changing before they can leave the house.

Traveling Time


Dad and Sam always see Mom off when she leaves for work trips. But this time, something special happens.

Special Tree


A dad and her daughter, Celia, find a special tree for Christmas.

The Lucky Penny


Bear and Rabbit search everywhere for a lost key but can't find it--that is until Rabbit's lucky penny helps them out!

Jose's New Bed


Dad puts Jose and Little Bear to sleep in their new bed.

Isabella Reads To Muffy


Isabella reads a book to Muffy a dog who lives at the library.

Hello Misty


Watch as Lacy’s neighbor brings over her new puppy.

Going Downtown


Dad and Maya ride the bus downtown to make a surprise visit to Mom at her office.

Fun At The Picnic


Little Bunny deals with Baby Bunny getting all the attention at a family picnic.

Five Frosty Friends


Five snowmen race down a hill but only one makes it to the end. Who will it be?

First Day of School


Justin's big brother Max is off to his first day of school. See what Max does while he waits for his brother to come home.

Family Picnic


Leo got a new camera. Watch what he takes photos of at the family picnic.

Dancing Girl


Emma and her dog Coco look all over the house for a place to tap dance.

Celebrating Earth Day


Jose and Dad plant a butterfly bush for Earth Day.

Catty Jane Builds A Boat


Catty Jane can't play in the lake with her friends because she doesn't like the water. See how she finds a dry way to go "sailing" with her friends.

Can You Find Me?


Watch Bella and Marco play a game of Hide-and-Seek

Bella's First Day


Bella spices up her first day of kindergarten with a little imagination. She transforms into Kinderbella!

Bella Gets Dressed


Bella's Dad helps her get ready for a birthday party.

Bear's Plum Tree


Bear picks plums from his tree and shares them with his friends. Learn how sharing helps him put together the perfect lunch.

A Silly Day


All sorts of silly things are happening today! What will you see along the way?

A Coat For Miss Mouse


Little Miss Mouse gathered materials to make a coat!