Let's see what happens if Minky does not get his sleep! It's time to enjoy with Tinky, Minky and Kukuli.




Let's see what happens if Minky does not get his sleep! It's time to enjoy with Tinky, Minky and Kukuli.

Drive-in Theater


Tinky, Minky, and Kukuli want to go to a drive-through cinema! They spend the entire day waiting for Dütdüt, but Dütdüt ends up oversleeping! Oh no, w...

Finish Your Plate


Kukuli tells you kids to finish your plate! It is important to not to leave food on your plate. Kids will enjoy these educative and funny songs while ...

Cup Song


Kukuli and its friends Tinky and Minky are here with the lovely cup song! It's time to enjoy the music!

Diaper Bye Bye


It is time to say bye bye to diaper! Kids will have toilet education with this funny song of Kukuli and will enjoy Diaper Bye Bye song! Let’s have fun...

Sock Ball


Minky and Kukuli are playing with a ball indoors, Tinky asks them to be careful as she’s worried that they will break the Tinky statue and how items a...

Brush Your Teeth


Tinky has made a beautiful watercolor painting, but Minky damages it by mistake. He’s scared to tell Tinky what he has done, but eventually, he can no...

Look After My Doll


Tinky leaves her favorite doll with Minky and Kukuli, hoping they will look after her while she is gone. All is well until Şinek decides to mess with ...

Wash Your Hand


It's important to wash your hands before and after dinner. Our beloved character Kukuli and his friends here with a new lovely song! Let's learn how t...



Hiccups, no matter what Kukuli they just refuse to go. Tinky and Minky try different methods and ways to get rid of Kukuli’s hiccup fit. Which way wil...

It's Snowing


It is winter now and it’s snowing in the World of Kukuli. It is time to join in the winter world with Kukuli and his friends and they will have fun in...

Kuli Kuli Kulli


It is time to build the sand castle with Tinky and Minky. Let’s watch Kukuli – The Sand Castle episode to learn which one has the biggest sand castle ...



It's summer! Our characters are at the beach and, Tinky and Minky decide to build a sandcastle. But as they are very competitive, they try to see who ...

Adventure Realm


Minky has a difficult time reading books and cannot read books without pictures. Tinky and Kukuli read a pictureless book and Minky decides to listen ...

Messy Kukuli


Minky is terrified of butterflies when his friends find out about his fear, they decide to help him overcome it. On the way, our heroes will uncover f...

Sharing is Caring


Minky has not brushed his teeth after having dinner, his friends notice this and try to convince him to brush his teeth. Minky ignores them and refuse...



It is summer now and it is time for picnic! Let's have fun with Kukuli's newest episode and enjoy the It's Summer Song!



Tinky has a dream. But what is it about? Let’s watch the new episode of Kukuli The Dream and see why Tinky is angry about. Funny cartoons, educative s...

Magic Lamp


Wow! A magic lamp! What happens when Kukuli and his friends find a shiny magic lamp, let’s find out by watching the brand new episode of Kukuli.

Unterwater World


It is time to visit the Underwater World. Let’s have fun with our funny cartoons and kids songs. Our cartoon character Kukuli and our friends Tinky an...



Kids will have fun while learning with this lovely song of Kukuli. Smiling is wonderful, you should smile! Let's have fun with Kukuli and friends.

Hold it!


Kids will have toilet education with this funny episode and song of Kukuli and will enjoy Hold It song!

Baby Bird


Let’s join the newest adventure of Kukuli and Little Bird. Our funny cartoon character Kukuli and friends have a new episode now: they have found a wo...

New Shoes


Our funny cartoon character Kukuli and lovely friends Tinky and Minky are having a race. Minky has new shoes and let’s see how the race goes and who w...

Blue Tulip


Our funny cartoon character Kukuli comes with a new episode. In this episode our lovely friends Tinky and Minky are afraid that the blue tulip is eati...