Little Smart Planet

Farm Animals: The Song

One of those unforgettable children songs to learn the names of farm animals. Come on, now it's your turn!

Little Smart Planet

Farm Animals: The Song


One of those unforgettable children songs to learn the names of farm animals. Come on, now it's your turn!

Farm Animals Vocabulary


Guess what, what animal am I? Let's play and learn about farm animals!

Learning About Animals


Sing the unforgettable song "Old McDonald had a Farm" and learn how to pronounce and write the names of farm animals to practice descriptions.

Colors Names


Watch this video and review in a simple and fun way how basic colors are written and pronounced

Colors: The Song


There is a very catchy song in this video! Sing it again and again while you learn all the colors!`

Story to learn the colours


Earn the basic colors with this entertaining and "colorful" story!

Learning about Colors


Listen to the beat of catchy music while looking at really cool bright balloons to learn the colors

ABC Alphabet: The Song


Sing with us the famous song "Learn your ABCs"

ABC Alphabet Pronunciation


Learn how to say the letters of the alphabet and how to pronounce them properly

ABC Alphabet Vocabulary


Watch this video and review the alphabet! For instance, words that start with … Your speaking skills will improve lots!

Learning about the Alphabet


Do you remember that well-known song to teach children the alphabet? Encourage your little ones to sing the ABCs

Numbers 1-10: The Song


Hey, kids! Let´s watch this video and practice how to say numbers from 1 to 10 while you are singing!

Story To Learn The Number


Review the numbers by listening to short stories to learn in a fun and easy way

Learning About Numbers


Study the numbers by playing with asteroids, planets and rockets. Let´s do it!

Food In English: The Song


Do you like singing and dancing, right? Sing with us and review how to say the names of food and meals

Food Vocabulary


Guess the name of the food and learn meal names!

Learning about Food


Review in a easy and fun way the pronunciation and writing of the most usual names for foods and meals

Means of Transport: The Song


Have fun learning the song of the means of transport!

Transport Vocabulary


Challenge yourself to guess the right means of transport by watching this video

A Story on Transport


Discover the different means of transport that and live an authentic adventure!

Learning on Transport


Learn the names for transports through music and images!

Parts of The Body: The Song


Sing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes ......" with us. Don´t stop moving your body!

Story To Learn Parts of The...


Listen to this story and reinforce your vocabulary on the parts of the body and the head

Learning Body Parts


Play this video and learn vocabulary for the parts of the body. You´ll see how easy it is!

Seasons: The Song


Sing and learn the four seasons of the year: sprig, summer, autumn and winter. Let´s go!

Days, Weeks, Years


Learn when day and night starts, how many days there are in a week and months in a year. You´ll love this video!

4 Seasons


Learn to recognize each season of the year. What is your favourite? Spring, summer, autumn or winter?

Learning About Seasons


Do you want to watch how easy it is to learn all about the 4 seasons of the year? Let´s start !

Songs For Kids Compilation


Enjoy this video with a compilation of Kids´ Songs in English! Watch it and have fun!

Planets: The Song


Learning songs teaches kids and fun. Sing the name of the planets, you will love it!

"Planet Earth"


Hi kids, watch a video about the Earth, the Solar System Planet where we live. Lets start !

Solar System and Planets


Do you want to know what our Solar System is composed of? Get on our spaceship and explore the universe!

Learning About Planets


Let´s watch the video to review all the vocabulary about the planets and the Solar System.

Professions: The Song


What would you like to be when you grow up? Whatever you can be. Sing with us the jobs song and chose the occupation that suits you better.

Story To Learn Professions


Review the vocabulary and learn the name of professions and occupations through our short story that explains where our characters work and how they d...

Learning About Professions


Learn the names of professions and jobs in english, with this video for kids. It shows the writing and pronunciation in a fun way.

Wild Animals: The Song


Let`s learn vocabulary with our videos in English. Review the name of wild animals, while you sing and have fun. Come on!

Guess The Wild Animal


Hey Kids! Let´s watch the video to discover the most interesting of the wild animals. Share with us this spectacular trip through the habitats in whi...

Wild Animals Habitats


"Where does the deer live? And the zebra?. Meet the protagonists of this entertaining video and learn the vocabulary of some wild animals and the plac...

Learning about Wild Animals


Review in an easy and fun way all about wild animals

Weather: The Song


How`s the Weather?. By watching this video, kids will recognize the different types of climate. The song teaches them, the english vocabulary related...

How's The Weather: Vocabulary


By watching this video, kids can learn some of the words we use to talk about the weather. How is the weather? Sunny? Cloudy? ….

Describing The Weather


Today, it is sunny ... Do you know what to do and what clothes to wear? Choose your clothes and go to play!

Learning About The Weather


Let`s play the complete video that helps to learn in English in a fun and easy way, the vocabulary and expressions we use when we talk about weather a...

In The City: The Song


Learn how to say in English the places of the city and get to know the basic vocabulary for buildings and other type of establishments. Learn all of t...

My City


Do you want to go on a walk with us and discover the parts of your city? Learn the basic vocabulary of the city and the pronunciation.

Place In A City


Know the city where you live and learn in English the names of the most important buildings and what happens in them.

Learning About City Vocabulary


Explore the most important buildings of the city with this fun video: theater, hospital, restaurant, school, bank, gas station ... and much more. Disc...

Time: The Song


What time it is? ... learn the time in English to the rhythm of this song. Learning is a game !

What Time Is It?


Learn to tell time playing!. Lets start how to read time to the hour on clock; so they can tell time like 1 o'clock 2 o'clock 3 o'clock etc

What Do You Do In Your Dail...


Learn to say in English at what time you do your daily activities. You will see how easy it is to read the clock hours.

Learning To Tell The Time


A fun video that teaches to tell the time. Practice with us and you will see how easy it is!

The Months of The Year: The...


Do you know how many months the year has? ... learn in English every month of the year and what happens in each one of them to the rhythm of this song...

Story to learn the months o...


Twelve months have the year! Learn how to write and pronounce in English the months of the year and discover what month is your favorite?

Learn The Months Of The Year


A fun educational video to teach your children to say in English the Months of the Year.