A Day in the Life of Fuse

Welcome to the Oddbods world! Meet Fuse: the most hot-tempered, destructive and (according to him) macho Oddbod there is.


A Day in the Life of Fuse


Welcome to the Oddbods world! Meet Fuse: the most hot-tempered, destructive and (according to him) macho Oddbod there is.

A Day in the Life of Pogo


Call him mischievous, call him a trouble-maker, call him a pain-in-the-neck. Pogo might be all these things but it's hard to feel down when the fun's ...

A Day in the Life of Newt


Sweet and adorable, Newt is the baby of the bunch. But get on her bad side and you'll find out just how feisty she can be.

A Day in the Life of Jeff


Obsessively compulsive and an unabashed perfectionist, Jeff fancies himself quite the sophisticated gentleman.

A Day in the Life of Slick


Street-smart and tech-savvy, Slick is coolness personified. You'll almost always see him bouncing about to a beat that's only inside his head!

A Day in the Life of Bubbles


With her eternal optimism, Bubbles is a ray of sunshine. She also has a peculiar appetite for anything that moves. With her, one thing's for sure: Alw...

A Day in the Life of Zee


While Zee calls himself easy-going and resourceful, others prefer the terms lazy and disgusting. But his enthusiasm shines when it comes to his two fa...

Critters and Cuisines


The Oddbods have always had rather complicated relationships with animals. Their relationship with food, however, is a lot simpler.

The Good, the Bad and the I...


Watch Jeff snap that winning photograph, Fuse race like a pro, and Pogo be the obnoxious prankster he normally is.

Transportation Troubles


This episode, the Oddbods share the many problems they encounter while using public transport.

Exercise Overload


The Oddbods are getting active! And Newt gets Dr Pogo to help her out with a bad case of myopia.

A Prankster Named Pogo


Pogo is at it again! The mischief just never ends. Meanwhile, it really isn't Fuse's fault for being surrounded by idiots.

The Other Side


This episode, Jeff learns to loosen up a little, while Newt appreciates that she's always got a friend to help out in times of trouble.

Ready to Rumble


Pogo plays doctor, Zee attempts to stay awake at work, and Fuse discovers that birds of a feather really do flock together.

Sick and Quick


When it comes to a race, the Oddbods are powered by the strangest motivations. But despite the competition, they're ready to help each other out in ti...

Patience is a Virtue


Today, Pogo is as excitable as ever, Fuse as fiery as ever, and Zee as sophisticated and cultured as… never??

Oddbods' Got Talent


It's the Oddbods X-factor and the contestants are ready to go! They've also got a penchant for horror flicks and bad luck!

Motor Mayhem


The Oddbods deal with traffic troubles - even when they don't have a car.

Sharing is Caring


From falling ill to falling out of the sky, the Oddbods have always been quite diverse with their activities.

The Fail and the Furious


Zee has never been one for finesse, while Fuse has always been one for misfortune - much to his chagrin.

Fiesty Frustrations


Fuse figures he can't trust a lot of people, and sometimes not even himself. Newt, on the other hand, demonstrates just how loyal she is to sentiment.

Toilets and Trophies


Pogo shows a rare display of sportsmanship, while the rest of the Oddbods deal with domestic issues.

Fitness and Finesse


Newt and Zee could stand to be a bit more athletic, while Jeff's refined sensibilities keep getting assaulted.

Compromises and Surprises


Jeff's sensibilities are violated once again. Meanwhile, Pogo and Newt learn about the magic of TV.

Housewarming Hassles


This episode, the Oddbods enjoy a spot of homemaking, while Pogo struggles with philanthropic obligations.

Food and Fortunes


In this eclectic episode, Newt dapples with her fortune, Zee goes to the gym and Fuse discovers secrets about the bottomless trench known as "The Couc...

Free and Easy


Today, Fuse tries to be the responsible one, Jeff lets his hair down when no one's watching, and Zee brings a whole new meaning to "putting the alarm ...

No Man is an Island


Fuse may be an angry, long-suffering soul, but he's a good guy too - in times of rare necessity. We also catch Zee in the infrequent event of a shower...

Of Failures and Farewells


Fuse might have to resign himself to the fact that nothing will ever go his way, while Newt deals with the many pains of traveling.

Hustle and Bustle


In this episode, Jeff has a go at cooking, Fuse tends to his beloved automobile, and Newt and Pogo attempt an unconventional avenue to generating some...

When in Doubt, Party it Out


Newt and Bubbles deal with some bad phone reception, while Fuse might have to step up to the plate as the resident firefighter. And is that Pogo havin...

Calculated and Convenient


Jeff takes his methods to the driving range, Fuse has a go at product-assembling, and though Newt isn't sure what to think of her friends' peculiariti...

Valentine's Special: The Pe...


Join the Oddbods on their lifelong search for love and chocolates this romantic Valentine's Day.

Halloween Special: Trick or...


Boo! Follow the Oddbods as they go out and about tricking and treating their way through Halloween. Well... mostly tricking.

Christmas Special: A Season...


Ho ho ho! Join the Oddbods in this season of giving as they learn the true meaning of Christmas.

More than Enough


Jeff and Newt venture into the wild, while Fuse goes home to find a little adventure of his own.

Clog Down and Bog Down


Zee's always been one for the environment, and Fuse gets to teach the ladies how real men bowl. And what's behind the mystery of the missing Oddbods?

Best Served Cold


Disappearing hot dogs, mysterious love interests and freak weather? Something unexpected's always about to happen in the world of the Oddbods.

Valentine's Special: A Sear...


Happy Valentine's! The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and the Oddbods are out hunting down possible love interests.

Another Day In The Life Of ...


It can literally be alarming to be woken up in the morning! At least the Oddbods take pride in their morning grooming, but when nature calls, what wi...

Chinese New Year Special


Gong Xi Fa Cai! Join the Oddbods this festive season as they celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Unexpected And Absurb


Join the Oddbods as they get involved in the strangest situations. See how Fuse and Newt react to the absurb findings of their discoveries.

A Lesson In Life


Newt wants to play the piano, Zee wants how to learn to ride the bicycle and Slick wants to be able to bowl a strike. Can anyone teach them?

Outdoor Comedy


Zee wins the sack race though he was sleeping. Pogo and Fuse get to the top of the mountain by flinging themselves to the top. The Oddbods don't just ...

Sticky Situation


The Oddbods are stuck in an unfortunate sticky situation. Will anyone be kind enough and help them out?

Being The Extreme


Only the Oddbods can experience such extreme ways of drinking from a fountain or riding an arcade ride!

The Brainiacs


See how Newt, Pogo and Zee unravel problematic situations and strike the victory bell.

One Fix Too Much


The Oddbods don't always use the tried and tested methods to fix their problems.



Oddbods have butter fingers too... Be careful if you are around them when it happens.

Being Big


Having a big poster helps Jeff's advertisment stand out but sometimes we can't judge things by their size alone.

The Unlucky One


The Oddbods are experiencing some unlucky moments; Newt and Fuse have their bags switched and Slick just can't avoid getting hit.

Retail Stress


Retail therapy or more like retail stress for the Oddbods?

Get It Off My Face!


Slippery, splattery, smudgey! Why are the Oddbods smeared with mud and cream?

Not-so Breezy Adventure


The Oddbods love having a relaxing and peaceful outdoor time but Mother Nature does get in the way sometimes.

The Extent of Things


Bubbles goes all the way to ensure Newt enjoys her sleepover, as well as Slick when he tries his best not to spill his food. It does look daunting.

Getting The Job Done


Having a kite that cannot fly high? Or trying to get a luggage lock up for the trip? Let the Oddbods show you how they sweat it all out to fix these i...

Fly Me To The Moon


Let's take off with the Oddbods. Take a selfie with Newt in front of an iconic landmark or go treasure hunting with Bubbles, or even fly to the Moon w...



Latest News Alert! Some prisoners have escaped.. wait... it seems that the Oddbods are involved. How is this going to end?

Lend A Hand


As they say "Lend a hand to those who are in need, and you'll be rewarded.", but only on some rare occasions that applies to the Oddbods.

Technical Hurdles


The Oddbods are facing some technical difficulties; Fuse can't seem to be able to open the hotel room's door nor can Jeff start his car up. Do pardon ...

Food War


Oddbods have a love for food and competition. What happens when those two things meet?

Well Played, Oddbods!


Let's see how the Oddbods go all the way to win the competition by using some alternate means.

I Met My Black Cat


Jeff has an urgent call to make. Zee wants to enjoy a great meal in the theatre and the rest just wanna get home safely, but a black cat will just get...

The Winner Takes It All


Game on! The Oddbods go all out to score and win the challenge.

The Last Resort


Being the last doesn't mean you are unlucky; Zee manages to get the last piece of cookie, however the unlucky Jeff didn't get to sit on the bench he d...

The Unlucky Shot


All the Oddbods need is love and some fun, but sometimes they might not be the lucky one.

Oddbods Karma


What goes around, comes around; watch how karma hits back at the Oddbods when they try to play a prank.

The Unorthodox Solution


Can a plunger and an onion improve the chances of Fuse winning the race and for Pogo to fix a fiery crisis? Let's find out.

Innovative Fun


It's time to go out and play! Oddbods have invented some fun games. Come join them!

S.O.S - Save Oddbods' Souls


Someone is stuck in a van and another is drowning in the water. No worries, Oddbods to the rescue!

Head In, And No Way Out


Using our heads to fix any problems may not always be the ultimate solution, sometimes we can get stuck just like the Oddbods.

The Oddlympians


The Oddbods have been training hard; from boxing to tennis, which Oddbod will reign as the champ?

4 Wheels Hassle


Come find out how the Oddbods handle these 4 wheel mechanical beasts!

Pet Whisperers


Newt, Bubbles, and Slick are the next Cesar Millan, see how they manage these fascinating pets.

Magical Me


Hocus Pocus! Sugary Bliss! See how the Super Oddbods become the next magical whiz!

That Oddbods Moment


Ever experience any embarrassing moments? Zee unknowingly eats some display fruits and Fuse mistakingly dials himself.

The Avalanche Of Fun


Oddbods' fun winter adventures have gone too wild! They sled and skate but managed to avalanche into some unfortunate big mess.

Impressing My Date


Love is in the air. Slick applies some fancy hair product and Pogo buys a fancy ring, hoping they can impress their dates.

Hallloween Scare


It's Halloween again! The Oddbods go around with their scary costumes and pumpkins for some trick or treating fun.

Christmas Buzz


It's Christmas season again! Time for the Oddbods to put the star on their Christmas tree, build snowmen, and have a festive feast. Come enjoy the Chr...

Tidings Of The Year


Come, it's time to spread the Christmas cheers the Oddbods' way.

Zee Is Hungry


Fuse is tending a juice bar. No matter how many apples go in, nothing pours out / Chef Fuse and Maître Zee are all hands (and mouth) on deck when fo...

Fashionable Newt


Newt plays with her new friend, the snowman, but it has a tendency to fall apart. / Newt wants a fabulous tan but sun bathers won't stop throwing shad...

Science Guru Bubbles


Bubbles tries to fend from Zee, who's trying to eat Newt's birthday cake. / Pogo and Fuse have pimped out cars. Bubbles joins in on the action. / Bub...

Pogo, The Prank Master


Pogo prevents Oddbods from taking a seat. / What is Pogo looking at through the hole in that fence? Newt desperately needs to know! / Jeff and Pogo vi...

The Old Fashioned Fuse


Fuse visits a drive-thru with a "muffled" intercom. / Fuse's patience is tested when an Oldbod holds the elevator. / Can Fuse watch television without...

Classic Jeff


Master Chef Jeff is all about making the perfect dish, but will his art be appreciated? / Newt uses her phone camera to take a photo but Jeff wants to...

The Typical Slick


Slick basks in the glory and narcissm of his own photoshoot. / Slick struggles to stuff his last minute Thanksgiving shopping into his car. / Shopahol...

Storybook Tales


Fuse the pirate has difficulty getting Jeff the victim to walk the plank properly / Newt and Pogo are chilling by the sea. Only Newt seems to notice ...

Summer Jobs


Slick and Pogo can't keep up the cars driving in. Desperate times call for desperate washers. / The cows have escaped! What will Fuse do? / Zee finds ...

The Young Ones


Jeff the model student is ready for school. / Fuse trains with his sports coach Pogo for the big match. / Fuse approaches Master Jeff to seek inner ba...

It Wont Budge!


Fuse is on the train and a sleepy passenger keeps pushing his buttons. / Fuse has trouble with gum / Newt's luggage is too heavy to take on the plane ...

Rules Of Attracton


Pogo is shopping and decides to chime in at an antic store. / Slick just doesn't have any luck with sports. / Zee wants to aquire Jeff's pic-a-nic bas...

The Feisty Animals


A cat is stuck in the tree! It's all up to Newt to save it! / None of these birds seem to be up to Jeff's standards. / Newt visits the zoo - nice and...

Food Hassle


Newt is working at a drive thru and has to put up with an angry customer. / Jeff searches for the best food sample. / Fuse and Pogo compete to gobbl...

Let The Battle Begin


Pogo and Fuse are in for a light saber showdown! / Fuse and Pogo enjoy dim sum. It's all soup and dumplings until they fight for the last piece. / F...

Game On


Fuse and Pogo compete to see who can bounce the highest! / Jeff accidentally drops his phone into a ball pit of filth and health violations. / Fuse wa...

Toilet Humor


Fuse struggles with a toliet door. / Jeff gets a stain on his tie and his OCD kicks in. / Fuse needs to use the in-flight lavatory but Zee has him ...

Being In The Wilderness


Bubbles is out camping, a horrible noise is keeping her awake at night, something needs to be done! / Fuse thrashes Pogo and Slick with his skipping ...

In The Park


Pogo and Newt plays Spacemen (Pogo) VS Cowboys (Newt). / Fuse spoils and tries to fix Jeff's new remote controlled toy car. / Help! Pogo's kite is ...

Beloved Spring


Zee tries to steal Newt's chocolate egg. / Fuse struggles to get his kite up in the air and is increasingly annoyed by Pogo's incessant mockery. / ...

Alternate Solutions


Newt needs help learning the piano. / Pogo has a flat tyre! Who wheel lend a hand? / Pogo plays with electrical appliances and pisses Fuse, Jeff an...

The Island, The Beach, The Sea


Stranded on a desert island, Fuse struggles to get a coconut down from a tree. / Jeff and Zee's ship springs a leak. / Slick shows off his lifesaving...

Food Struggle


Zee wants turkey and will do whatever it takes to get some, even if it means stealing! The tables are turned, literally. / Jeff is at a ramen shop hop...

Smart Way Out


Pogo's fishing spot is stolen. How rude! / The oddbods have a go kart race. Who will win? / Surely Pogo can take care of Newt's Thanksgiving turkey...



Pogo and Fuse prepare their cars for the race. Who will be the champion? / Fuse struggles to win at tennis, but he's not going to give up! / Slick a...

Travel Hassle


Pogo is running late for his flight. He has to get onboard no matter the costs! / Grrrr! An annoying airplane seat neighbour. / Jeff is freaked out ...

Summer Day Out


Pogo and Bubbles go hunting for treasure. / Fuse Pogo and Slick show off their masterful aim with a slingshot. / Bubbles and Fuse have a little argume...

Sleepy Heads


Fuse tries to return a phone to a sleeping Newt. / Pogo and Fuse have a test to study for, can they make it through the night? / Zee finds a nice co...

Getting Wet


Fuse, Pogo & Slick arrive at the fair. It's Jeff a matter of bad aimming. / Fuse is sound asleep but his roof starts to leak! He tries his best to co...

When We Get Together


Fuse is playing hide and seek with the Oddbods. Nothing can stand in the way of friendship. / Pogo scares his friends with spiders. / Pogo scares hi...

Machine Is Not My Friend


Fuse learns troubleshooting. / Fuse purchases a new chair but his work desk is too high. / Jeff is giving a lecture but the projector screen refuses...

The Greatest Carnival


Fuse and Pogo go crazy at a carnival. / Slick encounters Zee the busker who has some dubious tricks up his sleeves. / Slick and Jeff compete for N...

Have A Good Scare


Fuse goes on a ride through a hunted house. / Fuse goes on a ride through a hunted house. / Bubbles finds the ultimate halloween costume. / An e...

The Good Old Halloween


Ding dong! It's Bubbles' friends at the door... or are they? / Zee is trick of treating, but is refused by Jeff for his shoddy costumes. Things get...

The Haunting Hour


Will Zee find out what truly scares him in this haunted house? / Slick is in his dressing room, getting ready for Halloween! Which costume will he e...

Don't Be Naughty, 'cause He...


Pogo is up to mischief. He should know better when Santa Claus is coming to town! / Bubbles is building a snowman, but Pogo won't let it go. / Sli...

Holidays Feast


Its the caroling Oddbods knocking on your front door. / Slick prepares Thanksgiving dinner for his friends, but the turkey turns out a little dry. ...

Christmas Buzz and Rush


Newt is having diffculities with some heavy presents. / Pogo delivers a vase for a Christmas gift / Jeff searches meticulously for the perfect pr...

Christmas' Eve


Baby Fuse is singing christmas carols with his friends but he struggles to hit the perfect pitch. / Will Zee have the willpower to not eat the cooki...

The Holiday Season


Pogo pranks Newt only to have the tables turned when he becomes too scary. / Fuse gets angry with the repeated mysterious doorbells on halloween. /...

Romance In The Air


Slick just wants some attention. He discovers the flight attendant button on board. / Slick repeatedly attemps to throw love paper planes to Newt. ...

Oddbods Go To The West


Newt takes fire cracker safety really seriously. / Jeff is really proud of his big orange tree. / Did you know that turning the symbol upside down...