Twinkle Toes

Meet Twinkle Toes!

Say hello to your new favorite dancer, Twinkle Toes!

Twinkle Toes

Meet Twinkle Toes!


Say hello to your new favorite dancer, Twinkle Toes!

Meet Sporty Shorty


She's fast, fierce, and has amazing footwear! Meet Sporty Shorty, Twinkle Toes's rhyme-busting bestie!

Twinkle Girls Vlog Number 1


Meet Twinkle Toes's friends: Sporty Shorty, Poppy, Olivia, and Walter!

Episode 1: Hideous!


On the morning of "The Big Dance" Twinkle Toes wakes up with a huge, ugly, red blemish on her forehead. Gah! Whats a girl to do? Luckily her friends c...

Episode 2: Fashion So Bright


When Olivia struggles with a serious case of writers block, she fears that her fashion blog will be doomed! The Twinkle Girls try to help by putting t...

Twinkle Toes: Light Up The ...


SPONSORED Lace up your dancing shoes and get ready for this brand new movie starring Twinkle Toes in New York City!

Episode 3: Never The Friend...


When Sporty Shorty and Poppy have trouble seeing eye to eye, Twinkle Toes suggests that they both walk a mile in the others shoes. Literally!

Episode 4: Romeo


When Twinkle Toes gets cast as Juliet in their school play “Romeo & Juliet” she is thrilled! But when she learns that there is a REAL kiss scene betwe...