Takehiro Nishikawa

Marooned Maroo

Takehiro Nishikawa

Maroo, a lone boy marooned on an island, passes the time playing with his best friend, Earth. Disturbed by their ruckus, Sun stirs in her sleep and rolls over in bed, unfortunately on top of Earth. Maroo must save his friend!

My 3rd year film at CalArts, made in collaboration with Rika Endo.

Story / Layout / Modeling / Rigging / Texture & Lighting / Compositing / Effects
- Rika Endo
Idea / CG Character Animation / Character Design / Modeling / Rigging
- Takehiro Nishikawa
- Ryo Sean Okada
Sound Design
- Rachel Dugan
Earth / Seagull / Sun Snores
- Nathan Nonhof
Maroo / Sun
- Cat Tanchanco

Watching: Marooned Maroo For kids 6+