PLAYLIST - Poptropica Full Series

A Ball, Y'all (and more!)

Watch what happens to pacman and a bird that plays video games! Check out other childrens animated videos here!

PLAYLIST - Poptropica Full Series Episodes

Spooky Tale


In this episode of "Get Blake", Skye tells the scariest story she can think of and for once is his life Blake is actually scared! 

Training Standoff


Batman and Green Arrow stand-off in a training showdown.

Lemons to Lemonade


The SMC learn the importance of a business' location.

Ali Baba


Popeye the Sailor, accompanied by Olive Oyl and Wimpy, is dispatched to stop the dreaded bandit Abu Hassan and his force of forty thieves.

The Legend


The story of when Juga, Yusi and Shumadan all meet. Juga is sleeping when a comet from space crash lands on Qumi-Qumi land!

Skateboarding in Barcelona


Trying out new tricks in Spain!

Turtle Trouble


The temperamental turtle has escaped his evil lair and is heading for the central bank! Help us, Super Duper!

Paint It Blue


Foreman wants Ben to paint a huge building, and Ben hopes Hairy will lend a helping hand. But Hairy only has eyes for those yummy bricks.

Teacher Crush


At the Fidgetmore school for girls, one of their favorite subjects is..boys! Surpising? Nope, they're teenagers! See what happens in this hilarous tee...

eScape Premiere 1 - JOOKER ...


Welcome to the world of eScape! In the premiere episode of this sci-fi kids' show, when camp counselors mysteriously disappear, Jack, Myrna, Steven an...

Photosynthesis Mystery


An unhealthy fern sulks at the bottom of the forest floor. She aspires to grow tall like the tallest tree in the forest, but she realizes something’s ...

Unlikely Heroes episode 1


Wes, Ellen, Felix, Ben and Cheryllyn brace themselves for a snore-inducing hike with keener guide Skylar, until Skylar disappears and their search for...

The Airplane


History takes flight in this new cartoon, when the Professor introduces his friends to the Wright Brothers, creators of the very first airplane. This ...

Angie's Log 1 - The Arrival


Meet Angie Martinez, an eight year old girl who witnesses the start of an invasion of Earth and handles it really well. 



A mad scientist sends a shocking letter to the offices of the Daily Planet. Asking for no ransom, he threatens to strike back at those who laughed at ...

Shark No No (and more!)


Enjoy this brand new compilation of some of Limon and Oli's funniest shenanigans!

Organ Grinders


The intern on The Hobble and Snitch Show loses an eye, and that's the least of concerns for the hosts: above-ground Snivels and his sidekick plot to t...

Kimchi Warrior vs. Swine Flu


In this first episode, the Kimchi Warrior faces down some serious nastiness!

Fly Me To The Moon


Leonardo, along with Nick Quick, tells us about the first man on the moon. 



The Galaxy Twins have hacked The Digits's vid screen! Will they help Cody Chesnutt with his math question? Or has he found himself in a bit of trouble...

Your Quest Begins


Our heroine's great adventure begins! Join Princess Amethyst as she enters Gem World to embark on her quest.

10 Weird and Useful Life Ha...


I use these life hacks in my everyday life. Some weird beauty life hacks, some lifestyle hacks and some life hacks that will help you win at life! You...

Car Wash Caper


The SMC learn the value of communicating ideas.

Fro Sho


In this episode of "Get Blake", another one of Leonard's inventions leaves Mitch and Blake covered in Hair! 

Diet Love


Snitch falls in love with a visitor to the show, and Little Jake warns him to just be himself, but can Snitch follow such wise advice? Of course not. ...

Photosynthesis Answer


Did you solve the mystery of the forest fern? Watch to find out!

Unlikely Heroes episode 2


With no sign of Skylar, Cheryllyn decides to call the cops, but the group is soon met by Ranger Lauw, who clearly has his own priorities. Wes and Elle...

Kimchi Warrior vs. Mad Cow ...


The Kimchi Warrior has to MOO-ve fast if he's going to defeat this evil animal sickness.



It's that time again! Let's be honest, summer should last much, much longer! Sometimes I wish I could go back in time when school was so much easier!



The Digits Favorite Singer has a question about know, symmetry: The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other...

Village of the Frogs


Princess Amethyst has her first battle in the village, but can she handle the heat?

Bubble Wrap


Jimmy goes to great lengths to get bubble wrap included in his package.


In this funny episode, Mary Beth logs on for love. Watch what happens when she gets carried away in this great teenage animated cartoon series!

The Super Villain


The Super Villain is here to spread super villainy everywhere! What power does Super Duper have to stop him?

The Mechanical Monsters


A criminal scientist uses giant robots to steal money and jewels. Lois climbs into a robot which Superman discovers using his X-ray vision but is thro...

Diving Don'ts (and more!)


A lot can happen when you're standing on a diving board! Check out this episode and other fun videos from this funny bird animated series!

Angie's Log 2 - It's a Ship!


Angie adventures continue as she decides to go investigate the appearance of the UFO she saw outside her window. 



A beautiful girl waits for her ride home, when the guys decide to try their luck. But only Hairy has got what it takes to get a real woman's attention...

Solar Energy


Juga is instructed to charge a solar sheep which gives light to his tribe at night. However, the General from Shumadan’s military tribe abducts the sh...

Schaeffer McLean and Friend...


Schaeffer visits Ronda Skatepark in Spain!

Batman Takes on Solomon Grundy


Solomon Grundy takes on Batman in the Battle Armor and the Clawstrike Batmobile.

It's All Relative


Leonardo takes the time machine to let us know Einstein and his theory of relativity. 

The Magic of Music


Who better to teach us about music than famous composers Ludwig Van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? And even better, they're doing it American ...

Big Bad Sinbad


Popeye takes three of his nephews on a visit to a Nautical Museum. They come across a colossal statue of Sindbad, with the inscription "Greatest Sailo...

Climate Change Mystery


As two young polar bears are getting ready for school, one of them stands on a cracking piece of ice and begins to drift away. After he jumps to safet...

Random Encounter


A quick swim in the lake turns into a fierce underwater fight! Can Princess Amethyst make it out alive?

Get The Blakes


In this episode of "Get Blake", Blake's been cloned by squaliens- only there are two many and they cant be stopped! Will Blake and Leonard actually ha...

Doing His Thing


Check out these cool tricks!

No Service


Jimmy looks for reception for his eyeFone (trust me, it's more epic than it sounds.)     

Angie's Log 3 - Believe it ...


Angie returns after her encounter with the alien space craft. 

Shuteye Popeye


Popeye's snoring is keeping his resident mouse awake. The mouse fights back. Popeye makes a mistake: he traps the mouse in a spinach can that isn't co...

Curly Hair- Expectation vs ...


If you have curly hair, you know the struggle well! And if you don't...I'm sure you struggle with your hair.

Big Air Armchair (and more!)


Watch out for that puddle! Check out this video to see what this funny bird duo is up to next!

Kimchi Warrior vs. Malaria


The mosquito's bite brings a terrible blight, in this Kimchi Warrior adventure.

Roger Leonardo


Leonardo onboard of an helicopter explains how it works. 

Billion Dollar Limited


A train carrying the largest single shipment of gold to the Mint is highjacked by crooks using a modified car.

The Future


The "Future" looks dim. Can this time traveling tyrant be stopped before time runs out?

Wooden Performances


With the arrival of serious actors to thecave, Hobble and Snitch must defend their positions hosting the show, and learn that for some their bark wors...

On the Edge


Took takes his family to the other side in this cartoon for kids.

Hairy Nap


Hairy can't find a quiet place to take his nap, until he spots the bulldozer's driver seat.  Unluckily for the Foreman, Hairy seems to be able to driv...



In this hilarous cartoon series, one of the teens, Jean, is feeling stressed and considers running away. Watch what happens next!

Walkin The Dog


The SMC learn how important it is to plan ahead.

Red Robin and Nightwing Tak...


Red Robin & Nightwing with the help of Batman take down Killer Croc.

The Rule of Nines


The Digits Return with a new music video. Doomfinger's music has mind-wiped the awesome podcaster Emily V Gordon (from The Indoor Kids Podcast). Only ...

Great Navigations


Ahoy, mateys! Learn the history of sailing and pirates in this sea-worthy cartoon from our friend Professor Ambrosius. 

Trash Toad


Yusi wants to take nice photos of nature, but city garbage trucks spoil the fun. Shumadan and Juga arrive on a balloon and save Yusi from a pile of tr...

Unlikely Heroes episode 3


Cheryllyn is captured by the ranger, and Ben must come to her rescue. Wes, Ellen and Felix are tracked by the ranger to a portal, and they must make a...

Biggest Indoor Skatepark in...


Schaeffer McLean having a look around the new and awesome Rush Skatepark before it officially opened.

Angie's Log 4 - Look Ma, No...


Angie test her new found powers and boy they work really great. 

Disney Princesses In Real Life


Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel and Elsa...what would they be like in real life? I think it'd be so cool to find out! This video is what I think they'd b...

Ron Lee


In this funny episode, Mary Beth scores a date with Ron Lee; she brings Fran along for support..and things end up not going as planned. Check out othe...

100 Percent Movie Night


The color tank has run dry and it needs to be filled up again before movie night! It's up to Pavi to save the day... well, sort of.

The Turquoise Cave


Princess Amethyst runs into trouble in a spooky cave, but appearances can be deceiving!

The Flood


Foreman goes too far while trying to turn off a leaking faucet and everything breaks loose. Luckily for him, it's the hottest day of the year and no o...

The Arctic Giant


An archaeological expedition travels to Siberia where they discover a Tyrannosaurus Rex frozen in the ice in a state of perfect preservation. A team o...

A Ball, Y'all (and more!)


Watch what happens to pacman and a bird that plays video games! Check out other childrens animated videos here!

The Loch Ness Monster


The legend of the Loch Ness monster is one of Scotland's most famous tales. Is it real? Is it myth? Find out (well, make an educated guess, at least) ...

Batman and Red Robin Take o...


Batman, Red Robin and his Cyber Bat take on Man-Bat.

Ancient Fistory


It's the middle ages (sort of); Popeye is working in Bluto's Beanery. Bluto is going to the ball where Princess Olive will choose her mate. Popeye's f...

Episode 4 - ROMO


Science fiction meets reality as Steven lashes out and Joshy ends up trapped...again. And Jason Fantaro learns that CampQuest will make or break his c...

Unlikely Heroes episode 4


Wes, Felix and Ellen explore the cave on the other side of the portal, while Ben and Cheryllyn begin to shoot their own reality TV show. Felix finds h...

Indestructo Boots


In this episode of "Get Blake", Blake is desperate for a pair of brand new awesome Destructo boots!

Climate Change Answer


Did you crack Mosa's climate case? Watch and find out!



Leonardo, with his friends, Nick Quick and Gina the Cow, tells us about the eruption of volcanoes. 



Three friends are fishing peacefully when sea monster swallows their bait. The monster eats Yusi and disappears underwater. Juga runs to get help whil...



The world’s smallest bad guy has BIG plans for evil. SWAT will happen next???

Snot a Good Idea


The nose knows, and this Samurai can really pick 'em!

Lawn and Order


The SMC get a lesson in saving money.

Babysit Jeremy


When Jimmy is left to babysit Jaime's nephew, hilarity ensues.

Little Fish of Horrors


Halloween has arrived, but for Hobble it’s a sad day when his pet goldfish passes away. A science experiment brings the fish back to life, however, an...

Sons of Swine Flu: Part 1


Swine Flu rears its ugly head...make that HEADS...again. Can the Kimchi Warrior achieve victory?

Leo Cappucino


The girls decided to have a seance and channel their favorite celebrity, Ron Cappucino. Don't miss the all-girl angst in this hysterical episode of th...

Food Webs Mystery


Frank is a bullfrog who lives near a large temperate forest. He loves to chomp on grasshoppers and worms, but hasn’t seen any around in days and he is...

Tossed in Space (and more!)


The see-saw that can send you to Outer Space! Check out how these birds go haywire in this funny kid cartoon!

Batman and Nightwing Gadget...


Batman and Nightwing with the assistance of gadgets galore: Batarangs, Smoke Bombs, Nightsticks, Laser Sticks and Bolas emerge victorious over Silverb...

Identify Me


Leonardo tells us about the mystery of UFO sightings. 

The Cloudies


Juga goes into the sky inhabited by paunchy cloudies. They are dancing all day long – Elvis Presley, the king of rock-n-roll himself is singing for th...

PCs and Understanding


The SMC learn the importance of understanding something before getting involved.

Quick visit to Walthamstow ...


We took a trip to London and found a couple hours to practice at this skatepark!

A Whale of a Wail


The adventure continues when Took faces the largest mammal in the world.



Ben is working with his pneumatic hammer but Hairy wants to give it a try too. Not the best way to beat the record of days-without-accidents.

Sons of Swine Flu: Part 2


The Kimchi Warrior brings on a super ally to help defeat the Swine Flu Brothers.

Angie's Log 5 - When Life G...


Angie continues to test the boundaries of her powers and make a few bucks selling lemonade on the side. 

Timeshare Nightmare


Jimmy Giraffe and his friends get bamboozled into an inescapable timeshare lecture.

Battle in the Stormy Peaks


Frog Prince is in trouble! Can Princess Amethyst and her winged unicorn save him?

The Bulleteers


A rocket powered bullet shaped car destroyed the city police station and then announce that the city must turn over all its fund less they destroy mor...

Holiday Family Time


"MEET MY FAMILY!" See how we spend the holidays together! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever other holiday you may celebrate! Thou...

Invisible Blake


In this episode of "Get Blake", the Squaliens have made a ring that turns you invisible! However, invisible Blake has disastrous consequences! 

Queen Plurbis


The Digits play their first gig for the tyrant Queen Plurbis. Along the way they learn the parts of a circle: Circumference, Radius and Diameter.

Unlikely Heroes episode 5


Ranger Lauw, Ellen and Wes must answer a riddle in order to acquire the final amulet and save Felix from becoming laser beam BBQ. Ben and Cheryllyn al...

Episode 5 - KITE


In this episode, Lexa goes on the hunt for Myrna. Can she find her before the monster attacks? And Joshy and Nicholas hack the game but unknowingly sp...

Taxi Turvy


Popeye and Bluto are taxi drivers; they are, of course, competing for fares - and Olive, in particular.

Fright to the Finish


Olive is reading ghost stories to the boys. Popeye scoffs; Bluto decides to take advantage of this by staging various pranks (a headless man, an anima...

Schaeffer McLean lands Back...


Switchy Skateshop gives Schaeffer a sticker and it must have brought him good luck!

The Diet


An episode that is worth the weight! Check out more hilarious cartoon videos in this funny animated series for (not just) teens!

Back On Truck


Thoughtless Foreman decides to stand just behind Ben’s moving truck the very second Hairy -hungry as always- takes the brake pedal for a quick snack!....

Frozen Fish Food


It's dinner time in the frozen tundra, and this cartoon needs to eat!

Mermaid Problems


I had so much Mermaid fun! #Mermaid tails, mermaid friends & #Disney movie antics..I had so much fun filming with Theekholms who are also here on Batt...



New Year’s Eve is approaching and Shumadan wants to give Yusi a present – a nice snowman. Juga is jealous and tries to interfere with Shumadan’s plan....

Unlikely Heroes episode 6


Wes and Ellen try to escape from a brutal exercise in knife dodgeball, while it’s up to Cheryllyn to solve a puzzle in order to save Felix as Ben take...

Flying Car


Jimmy Giraffe unintentionally steals the idea to create a flying car from an evil parrot, Reginald McCaw.

The Final Boss


Princess Amethyst's winged unicorn, Max, has been taken from her and now she must fight her arch nemesis, Dark Opal, on her own! Does she have the str...

Food Webs Answer


Did you solve Mosa's mystery to help the bullfrog? Watch and find out!

The Magnetic Telescope


A professor is using a giant magnet which results in a ball of fire hitting the city. The professor refuses to stop using his magnetic telescope becau...

Sunny Days


Leonardo, with his friends, talks about the sun and solar energy. 

Angie's Log 6 - Angie Gets ...


Angie decides to build a weapon to protect herself against the coming invasion. 

Kimchi Warrior vs. SARS: Pa...


SARS means Severe Acute Respitory Syndrome...and this battle is guaranteed to be seriously severe!

The Race Is On! Batman and ...


Batman on the Batcycle and the Flash race through Gotham to capture Cheetah.

Space World


In this episode of "Get Blake", the Squalians have managed to lure Blake and Mitch into the unknown space adventure park known as 'Space World'... 

Episode 6 - ROLLBACK


Two companies fight for control of the video game on the outside, while the players inside try to escape without crashing the whole system. The ground...

Snore or Less (and more!)


Whales and water and...snoring. How do some birds sleep at night? Check out other childrens animated videos here!

The Clocktopus


Gorgolax has written an amazing new song...sorta...Pavi and Ray Ray and a special guest star step in to save the day. 



The General from the Shumi-Qumi tribe chases after a small oil drop named Oilo. He wants to use this cute creature as fuel for his rocket. After disco...

Debt of A Salesman


The SMC learn the importance of staying out of debt.

Skateboarding Roadtrip


Final installment of the epic trip around Spain! Loads of fun!

Killer Meters


1000 millimeters attack The Digits ship! Can they figure out a way to stop them before they turn into a killer meter

Squirrel Army


In this episode of "Get Blake", Leonard has a great IDEAAAAA involving earth squirrels! 

Welcome Home


Gem World is saved and now Princess Amethyst must decide if she wants to stay a Princess in her new kingdom, or return to Earth as Amy.

Private Eye Popeye


Private Eye Popeye gets a call from Olive Oyl to guard a precious gem. But no sooner does he get the gem than the butler takes it (and Olive). The res...

Episode 7 - QUINE


The past catches up with the present for game designer Jason Fantaro who attempts to wrestle control of the game away from the Man in White. Is it too...

Summer Family Vacation


Come with me on a fun family vacation destinations...well, sort of! My parents, and my siblings and I decided to have some fun in the sun!

Lunch Break


All the guys are having lunch together, except for stuck-up Foreman who decides to eat alone at that cool Café on the end of a very, very steep street...

Romantic Antics (and more!)


A fiery romantic dinner! Check out our funny kid bird cartoons here!

Neck Hair


All we gotta say is...yea, that's just gross. Click on the next video to check out another hilarious episode from this funny animated series!

Angie's Log 7 - Think Outsi...


Angie gets some help from her Dad in her quest to prepare to fight The Invaders. 

Unlikely Heroes episode 7


The teens are reunited, only to find themselves in more danger than they could have ever imagined. Bummer. 

The Rescue Mission


Took knows that family comes first, and NO ONE stands a chance when you mess with his!

Kimchi Warrior vs. SARS: Pa...


The battle versus SARS rages on, and Kimchi Warrior will need all the help he can get!

Electric Earthquake


A Native American mad scientist states that Manhattan belongs to his people and demands that the island be vacated immediately.

Super Hero Training Battle


Batman, Green Arrow, and the Flash duke out their fighting style in a training short.

The Election


In this episode of "Get Blake", Leonard has a new cunning plan to Get Blake using a mind control Sombrero... 



The narrator introduces Mount Monokoa saying that 300 years ago it erupted years ago covering the city in molten lava and sending tidal waves across t...

That's So Roadiebot


The Twins interrupt Roadiebot' vlog to figure out who's been using all the hot water on the Doomship. Chad makes a bar chart. And roadiebot's secret i...

When the Pot Gets Hot (and ...


A cloud with an attitude. Check out our funny kid bird cartoons here!

Night Search


After the mysterious disappearing of the Architect, a search party is organized. Hairy joins the party, mainly because he is very interested in knowin...

Cookin' With Gags


The boys are taking Olive on a picnic. It's April 1, and Bluto plays a series of "jokes" on Popeye, though of course they go beyond the bounds of acce...

Unlikely Heroes episode 8


The teens realize that the ranger’s beloved treasure actually spells certain death for everyone in the town. It’s up to the team to figure out how to ...

The Small Worm


Shumadan ate an apple which serves as a house for Yusi’s pet – a small worm. To save the worm Yusi and Juga manage to shrink in size with the help of ...

Go Fetch


What happens when you play an epic game of toss? Find out in this animation for kids!

Things Girls Do At The Mall


Let's face it, girls need the mall and the mall needs us girls! And if you're a need to know our habits...or maybe you do the same things at...

Angie's Log 8 - The Cardboa...


Cheese and Crackers! Angie continues work on her spaceship. 

Kimchi Warrior vs. Spanish ...


No one expects the Spanish Influenza...but Kimchi Warrior is prepared!

The Big Trade Off


The SMC get a lesson in trade-offs and balance.

Episode 8 - GUILD


Monsters emerge and powers develop--but the gamers have to finally unite if they're going to figure anything out. Another piece to the puzzle: can you...

UNBOXING - Super Cool Skate...


Some cool skate clothing from The Hidden Base!

Kimchi Warrior vs. Foot and...


To defeat Foot and Mouth Disease, the Kimchi Warrior will have to use his head.

Types of Parents


Parents can be crazy, try to be cool...when maybe they're not and they can be down right embarrassing! But they love us so we put up with it! Are your...

Episode 9 - BOT


In this exciting episode, one of these campers is not like the others... Which one is it? And where did he...or she...come from? Outside the game, Mr....

Fat to Flat


Chad's new fad diet is getting in the way of recording the Twins' new album. Can Becky "pump" him up?

Terror on the Midway


Lois and Clark are assigned to cover a circus where the huge ape Gigantic gets loose. Lois helps a girl get out of the tent but attracts the attention...

Crunch In The Dark


In a silent night, the Foreman is set out to discover the mystery that lies behind those blood-freezing noises that prevent the night watchman from ta...

Angie's Log 9 - Red Returns...


Angie meets RED again for the first time. We know its confusing just watch the episode.

Mowing the Grass (and more!)


In this funny children's animated episode, do not underestimate the fly!

Popeye For President


Popeye and Bluto are running for president; it's election day, the vote is tied, and Olive is the only remaining voter.

The Peace Wand


In this episode of "Get Blake", Blake is hit by a peace wand and Mitch is taken by surprise as Blake becomes at one with nature....

Trouble With Credit Cards


The SMC learn to be cautious with credit cards.

The Third Eye


Juga goes underground where a Queen with three eyes makes her enchanted prisoners cook jam for her. Juga beats the Queen and takes her third eye which...

Undercover Egg


Took is a master of disguise, deception, and deviled eggs!

Episode 10 - DROP


The game loses a player, leaving everyone to wonder who might be next! Outside the game, Jack's brother Nicky makes a startling discovery. This summer...

Types of People In Cars


We all know those people....some of us are those people! I know I am! What type are you? Also...I'm only 14 and did not actually drive the car!

Fight of the Penguins


Penguins may be flightless, but they're not "fightless!" Took better watch out or he'll end up as bird food!

Sick Girl & Kimchi Warrior


Kimchi Warrior meets a friend in need. Can they win the battle together?

Gotta Dance


The SMC learn the value of passion in work.

The Robot


Yusi finds an old battle robot on the dump and transforms him into a faithful iron assistant. Juga and Shumadan don't like new Yusi's friend, because ...

The Space Nightmare


In this episode of "Get Blake", Leonard has a new cunning idea to get Blake! Involving an amusement park known as Space World.... 

Assault and Flattery


Bluto is accusing Popeye in judge Wimpy's courtroom. Bluto tells a sad tale of how Popeye attacked him without provocation, but Popeye tells his side,...

Guess the Gift (and more!)


There are wastebins, then there are trained wastebins! Check out our funny kid bird cartoons here!



The elevator goes up, and up. But when Foreman’s feet gets stuck in a rope, it seems that everything is going to go down and down for him.



Kindie Rock stars The Digits are back! Roadiebot has fallen to pieces and it's up to the twins to put him back together again using factors. Math for ...

It Takes Two


The SMC learn how important partnerships can be.

I Don't Scare


Popeye has beaten Bluto to a date with Olive. Seeing that Olive is superstitious, Bluto changes the date to Friday the 13th, and proceeds to rig vario...

Types of People In The Driv...


Types of People in Drive know them well! They make the line longer, drop change and just can't decide what they want!

Taekwondo vs. Super Bacteria


Bacteria adapts and attacks! It will take an international effort to stop their spread.

General In Love


A vicious general from Shumi-Qumi tribe falls in love with Yusi and kidnaps her in order to get married. Of course, Juga and Shumadan cannot let this ...

Flower Power (and more!)


Some flowers are better left untouched. Check out birds going haywire and other antics in this funny kid bird cartoon!

Episode 11 - MIRROR


In this exciting episode, a strange duplication in the game leads an estranged group of players to discover that some among them are not who they seem...

When Hairy Met Heavy


Two factions. Two musical styles and one epic battle that will leave your ears begging for mercy.

Comparing Discounts


The Digits help out Mrs Johnson's class with a question about calculating discounts.

Cooking with Gas


When you live in a frozen wasteland, you'll do whatever it takes to provide for your family. And sometimes, that stinks!

Angie's Log 11 - May The 4t...


Angie wakes up to find she has multiple questions but just one answer.

Types of Teachers


we've all had amazing, crazy and strange teachers at some time! But there would be no education without them!

The Zombie


Juga and Shumadan find two zombies who are controlled by special joysticks, and use them to fight each other. Yusi watches the competition rooting for...

The Final Showdown


Took's animated adventure comes to a shocking conclusion. Don't miss the cartoon craziness!

Special Delivery


The SMC learn the value of good service.

Kimchi Warrior Forever


The grand finale of Kimchi Warrior's epic adventure...but until all disease is eliminated, does the story ever really end? 

Episode 12 - RETCON


Jack finally finds his powers, and family secrets of Mr. Fantaro's past are revealed... but one player's fate takes a turn for the worst. Find out wha...

Angie's Log 12 - The Beth i...


Angie gets a babysitter when her parents decide to go out for "date night".



Popeye and Bluto both plan to marry Olive Oyl, but Popeye proposes first. When Olive says, "Yes!" to Popeye, Bluto sets out to make Popeye look bad, b...

Doom Ruler


Doomfinger is back with his new product, The Ruler of Doom.  Can you figure out what's wrong with his measurements?

Stay Hairy Stay


Foreman puts an ultimatum on Hairy, and Ben soon finds out that keeping his friend out of troubles for a whole day is not an easy task.

Learn Baby Learn


The SMC get a lesson in the value of learning everyday.

Duck, Duck, Whoops (and more!)


Duck, duck, duck...bird! A fun cartoon bird episode that will make you giggle!

Patriotic Popeye


Popeye is enjoying watering his patriotic garden on July 4 when he catches his nephews attempting to light fireworks. The game is on when he attempts ...

Episode 13 - REZ


Can players resurrect their fallen friend and escape the game before Zavon steals the code, and quite possibly all their memories? The exciting sci-fi...



Qumi Mix is a number of small sketches from the Qumi world. What kind of trouble can Yusi, Juga and Shumadan stir up on an ordinary day in Qumi-Qumi l...

Angie's Log 13 - Apocolypse...


Now that Beth is officially in charge as the baby sitter, she and Angie try and bond.

When Your Parents Try To Be...


I love my parents, but when they try to be cool....OMG! Not sure if this is more cool parenting fails or how to embarrass your teenager!

Squad Goals


Honestly, I'm thankful to have the best squad in the world - YOU! Do you have a squad of BFFs?

Angie's Log 14 - Beth Takes...


Angie shows Beth her "spaceship"and other stuff.

The Clueless Cook (and more!)


Don't get your pressure cooker angry! Check out our funny kid bird cartoons here!

Sorry I Can't Hair You


The SMC lears the importance of customer satisfaction.

Episode 14 - TORRENT


The sci-fi web series reaches a crucial turning point; all of the game's secrets are fast downloading as players race to the end, but with a twist of ...

Episode 15 - NEXT-GEN


The kids are lost, split up across strange wilderness and raging storms as parents outside the game converge on the campground, and one player discove...

Drive on Down (and more!)


Fact: A car CANNOT do the same things as a skateboard! If you liked this fun kid bird cartoon, check out our other funny animated shows!

The High Cost of High Demand


The SMC learn about supply and demand.

Angie's Log 15 - It's a Shi...


Although Angie has repaired the house, her babysitter Beth is not convinced of the safety of taking Angie's spaceship out for a nighttime test-drive.

Angie's Log 16 - A Whole Lo...


Angie takes on the Invaders while rescuing her babysitter Beth from them.

Careful Crossing (and more!)


You can never be too careful! Check out our funny kid bird cartoons here!

Why Pay More


The SMC learn the difference between price and value.

Episode 16 - Reckoner


Flashes of bad, impossible news push Steven Fantaro over the edge as a greater evil haunts his thoughts and draws those around him into a mysterious a...

Episode 17 - PORTAL


In this exciting sci-fi kids episode, on the game's alternate servers, one player journeys out of the mess caused by a hacker named Jaze while the res...

Tough Cookies


The SMC learn the value of hard work.

In the Cloud


Clouds can be really mean sometimes and ivy can also grow really, really fast. Check out this funny kid bird cartoon!

All Fall Up


The SMC learn the difference between failure and obstacles.

Episode 18 - CACHE


The Square and Star tribes collide for a shared goal: escape-- but not before Jaze can cause one more rift that divides the players for good, and lead...

Pinching Pimples (and more!)


That's some pimple! Some birds are smart, some birds are fat, and some bird have SOME pimples! Check out our funny kid bird cartoons here!

Episode 19 - SERVER


The Square and Star tribes collide for a shared goal: escape-- but not before Jaze can cause one more rift that divides the players for good, and lead...

Airbag Assist (and more!)


Balloons can DEFINITELY have multi-purposes! Watch for loads of fun with roosters and other birds!

Are You Experienced?


The SMC learn the value of learning from others.

Don't Just Say No


The SMC get a lesson in the value of an open mind.

Episode 20 - ROM, PART ONE


Wild and unexpected flashes of their possible futures lead Jack, Myrna and Steven to demand that Lucas reveal his secret once and for all -- but it's ...

Episode 21 - ROM, PART TWO


Jack, Myrna and Steven finally understand the flashes, but soon clash as the future grows darker and they realize someone very close to them will not ...

Design For Success


The SMC learn the importance of a quality product.

Episode 22 - ARTIFACT


Jason Fantaro chases after his brother solo, but Allan won't go quietly as Zavon is hot on the trail.

Too Good To Be True


The SMC get a lesson in things not being what they seem.

Episode 23 - Avatar


The second to last episode! A crucial flashback will reveal a shocking truth about the game, the kids...and the future.

The Domino Effect


The SMC learn how the many can be affected by the few.

Episode 24 - 4EAE


SERIES FINALE! Will the kids escape the game? Don't miss the show's EPIC CONCLUSION!

Going Mental for Rental


The SMC learn the value of considering all the options.

The Real Skinny


The SMC get a lesson in getting to know people.

Cancel My Reputation


The SMC learn the value of having - and maintaining - a good reputation.