HiDino Kids Songs

When I Grow Up

What do you want to be when you grow up? A scientist? an astronaut? You can be anything you want!

HiDino Kids Songs Episodes

Dinosaur World


Look at all the different dinosaurs there are. Sing with the dinosaurs as they travel the world!

Baby Pachycephalosaurus


Baby Pachy has a thick strong head but he doesn't know why! Discover with him as he asks his family what it's for!

If Brachiosaurus Were Still...


What do you think the world would be like of the Brachiosaurus were still here? Find out on this fun video!

Dinosaurs Say Cheese!


Dinosaurs Say “Cheese!” is a fun video to learn counting from 1 to 10. See how many dinosaurs you can see in each picture!

When It's Sunny Outside


It's sunny! It's raining! It's snowing! Watch how the dinosaurs have fun in these different kinds of weather.

The 5 Senses


Smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch. Learn about the 5 senses in this fun video!

At The Fair


Let's go to the fair with our friends! Hop on the carousel and enter the terrifying spooky house!

I Love My Mom


I Love My Mom is a sweet song about the love mothers give to us

The Planet Song


Did you know that Venus is the hottest planet? And Jupiter the biggest? Sing and learn with us The Planet Song!

Adventure Through The Snow


Let's learn about some cold weather animals! Put on your jacket and sing with is on this adventure through the snow!

Out In The Desert


Camel, snake, eagle, roadrunner... Learn about some of the different animals in the desert. Come with us and meet all the animals that live in there!

The Phases Of The Moon


Did you know there are 8 phases of the moon? Learn with us what they are and what they look like!

The ABC Swing


Learn the alphabet with our original ABC Swing! It's so much fun to sing!

Singing Scales


Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti. Learn to sing the musical scales with us.

When I Grow Up


What do you want to be when you grow up? A scientist? an astronaut? You can be anything you want!

We're Going To Find A Treas...


This song is great for learning different movements. Run, jump, roll, crawl and dig to help us find a treasure in this fun song!

The King Of Dinosaurs


Tyrannosaurus Rex! With his mighty jaws And his sharp teeth, he’s the king!

The Rain Song


The clouds have gathered, the sun has disappeared. Sing with us the rain song, it's so much fun!

One Dinosaur Was Swinging


Watch the dinosaurs swing and swing and learn to count from 1 to 10!

Good Morning!


Sing along with our Good Morning song!

The Trumpeter Dinosaur


Have you met the Parasaurolophus? He could play his crest like a trumpet!

The Compsognathus


Do you know the compsognathus? He was a small but fierce dinosaur!

The Magic Words


Thank you, I’m sorry and please. These are the magic words, remember them well.

I Used To Have A Little Chi...


Learn animal sounds. Cheep cheep, meow, woof, ribbit

My Little Froggy Could Not ...


Come help froggy so she can jump, jump and dance all day!

The Little Boat


Once upon a time there was a little boat that was unable, that was unable to sail!

Animals Sound Like This


Woof woof, Oink oink, quack quack! Learn what the animals sound like in this fun video!

5 Little Dinosaurs Jumping ...


Learn with the 5 dinosaurs why jumping on the bed is so dangerous!



There was a farm and had a dog. And Bingo was his name-o. B I N G O, B I N G O, B I N G O

The Dinosaurs Rap


We’re gonna name a few dinosaurs. Think you can memorize them all? All right, here we go!

Earth Is Sick


Our Earth is very sick! We have to take care of it and respect it!

Where Is Rexy?


Help us find Rexy! He could be anywhere in the world!

Alien Dinosaurs


Alien dinosaurs have come to earth! Discover what they are like!

Traveling Through Space


We are traveling, traveling through space we are! At the speed of light it will take us very far.

There Was A Frog That Was S...


Sing with us this song about the frog who was singing! Can you sing it all with one breath?

The Lungs Of The Earth


The forests are the lungs of the Earth, thanks to them we can breathe and live. We must take care of them!

Renewable Energies


Do you know about renewable energies? Solar, wind, hydraulic and geothermal are some of them! These are clean energies that will help us save the Eart...

My Electric Car


This is my electric car and it's good for the environment because it does not contaminate!

The 3Rs Of The Environment


Reduce, reuse and recycle! These are the 3Rs that will help us save our planet!

Our Beautiful Green Earth


Our green and blue earth is beautiful! It's our duty to take care of it and keep it that way!

I Love My Planet


Let's love and take care of our beautiful Earth, like it there's no other!

Crossing The Skies


Earth is beautiful. Ride on a balloon with us and admire the beauty of our planet! Sing with us this round song.

Like The Rabbits


Let's learn about animals and what they do! Sing along with us!

Turn It Off!


Let's save energy and water by turning off anything we are not using, this way we'll help save our beautiful planet!

Let's Go Plant A Tree!


Our forests are being destroyed! Let's plant trees and save the planet!

Hello Mr. Turtle!


Our seas are full of garbage! Let's all clean them together so that animals can have better lives!

The Coral Reefs


The coral reefs are what give life to our oceans! Let's take care of them and enjoy them!

The Instrument Song


Learn with us about a few musical instruments, can you name them all? Sing along with us!

My Lemon Tree


Sing along with us while plant a beautiful lemon tree! Let's plant trees to help our planet!

The Planet Song 2


Do you know what the other planets of the solar system are like? Discover why Earth is the only one where we can live!

Today I am Riding My Bicycle


Let's ride our bicycles! Not only is it good for us, but for our planet as well!

Five wonderful letters: EAR...


It’s the Earth our beautiful planet. E-A-R-T and H are its letters. It’s the Earth our beautiful planet. And we must take care of it.

This Is Nature


Look very closely at everything around you. Up in the sky, down in the sea and land. All of this, all of this is nature.

Jingle Bells


Christmas is here! Sing with us this classic song!

The Snow Song


Little snowflakes are falling and falling. And the city’s been all painted white. The children on their sleighs, they are riding and riding. It is a w...